1. Sapporo Miso Ramen

$10.95 Pork & Chicken Broth with Smoky soy Bean Paste /Curry Noodle Topped with Home Made Charshu, Ajitama Egg,Bamboo Shoots, Bean Sprouts,Corn Kernels and Scallions

Nagoya Restaurant Site

1155 West Arbrook Boulevard, Arlington, TX 76015-4206
TEL: (817) 466-3688

Pickup Ordering Time
Mon - Fri.: 10:40AM-2:20PM
Sat - Sun.: 11:20AM-2:40PM
Sun - Thur.: 5:20PM-9:30PM
Fri - Sat.: 5:20PM-10:30PM

Delivery Ordering Time
Sun - Thur.: 5:20PM-9:00PM
Fri - Sat.: 5:20PM-9:30PM